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January 31, 2016

Baked salmon with parmesan crust

Baked salmonsOn to the main for my dinner party. This was even easier than the starter, but looked (and tasted) pretty good.

I seasoned four salmon fillets (one each) and put them on a roasting tin. I then made a white wine and mushroom sauce (by cooking the mushrooms in the wine, removing the mushrooms, boiling wine and cream together, then returning the mushrooms to the pan), and added a small amount of the sauce to the top of each salmon fillet.

Finally, I made a breadcrumb topping with breadcrumbs, Parmesan, parsley, lemon and paprika. I sprinkled this topping over the salmon fillets, then baked them in the oven for 15 minutes.

I served the fillets with extra sauce over the top (saved and reheated from earlier), buttered and minted potatoes, and some rocket on the side. Whilst I wanted a decent meal, I didn’t want to stuff everybody before they had tried my tiramisu!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Mary Berry’s Christmas Collection, pg. 76


November 26, 2014

Rice and peas

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By rice and peas, I mean risotto – but a fairly basic risotto. I found this recipe whilst going through my cookbooks looking for things to make at Christmas, and thought it might be something that my two-year old son would like (note: his favourite foods are peas and noodles).

As I said, this is basically a risotto (and I still have no photos, sorry). It basically contains pancetta, rice, white wine, peas, and chicken stock, so it’s not too complex. I cooked the meal for both of us for lunch, and whilst I thought it was OK (although a little bland – we tend to spice our risottos up a fair bit), after a short while my son thought it was amazing, and started to request it for at least every other meal. I’m not that enthusiastic about cooking risotto. Maybe it was the wine…?

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: The Daily Cook Book, 29 July, pg. 187

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