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February 26, 2015

Trinity Cake

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Trinity cake with slice cut out from aboveI specifically hadn’t planned to bake much in the near future, knowing that soon there would be a new baby in the house. But this baby is taking their time, so I’ve found myself with a fair bit of spare time. So, on Pancake Day, I was hunting through a Hallelujah! Easter recipe book to remind myself of the amounts needed for pancake ingredients. As I flicked through the book, I realised that a lot of the recipes were pretty simple and used ingredients we already had lying around the house. So I figured it was a good book to use to make relatively easy, simple-to-find-ingredients-for-recipes until this late baby made an appearance.

The first thing I made was the Trinity Cake. I have made this before, but it was a couple of years ago. It’s actually a super-easy cake to make, but made a bit more complex by the fact that each layer is flavoured slightly differently. So there is a vanilla sponge layer, a chocolate sponge layer and a coffee sponge layer. Each layer is sandwiched together with buttercream, and then the top is simply dusted with icing sugar. The only time-consuming element is mixing together 3 different sponge cakes instead of one.

One thing worth mentioning is that the recipe suggests using three 7in round sandwich tins. I used three 6in square sandwich tins – simply because that’s the type of tin I had three of, and I couldn’t be bothered to cook each layer in the oven separately. It turns out that this was the right choice; there was only just enough mixture to cover the bottom of my 6in square tins. It turned out fine, but if you did want to use 7in tins you should probably make more mixture than the recipe suggests (which is 50g of each basic sponge ingredient plus one egg).

For a quick and easy weekend cake, it’s fine – but it’s not very exciting. The flavourings are pretty mellow (although I guess it would be easy to add extra coffee or chocolate for a stronger taste), and it is, when you think about it, just a basic sponge cake. I’m not sure it’s something I would choose to make for a special occasion like Easter though (unless you really are a novice baker).

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hallelujah! Easter by Wendy Dyer, Honor Harris and Judith Merrell, pg. 56-57


April 11, 2014

Chocolate chip and vanilla marble cake

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Choc chip and vanilla marble traybakeAnother gift for my friend with the new baby (the biscuits were really just in case she didn’t like/fancy chocolate, but this was the real treat), this was something I knew that I could make relatively easy, and would have all the ingredients in the house for. Which turned out to be mostly true…

… I needed to buy some chocolate for the topping, but that wasn’t a problem. The problem was the fact that I managed to put the cake in our fan oven, assuming I had put it was on the conventional oven setting. Which meant that, 15 minutes after I added it to the oven, I wondered why I was starting to smell burning. Thankfully, I checked, and discovered what I had done. After turning the oven back to conventional oven, putting the cake a little lower in the oven, covering the (now rather burnt) top of the cake and waiting another 10-15 minutes or so, I did manage to salvage the cake.

I had to cut off a fair amount of the sides, and attempted a neat(ish) job of slicing off the very top layer. The quite-burnt bits were edible (and Dan and I did eat them), but perhaps not the best thing to give away. However, once I drizzled chocolate over the top of the cake (oh yeah, another issue here – crying babies meant that I over-melted the white chocolate. But not to worry, I just used mostly dark chocolate for the drizzling instead) it looked alright, and didn’t taste too bad either.

The perfect example of how to mess up a really easy-to-make cake. But then how to (mostly) bring it back from the brink as well!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, pg. 78

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