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June 10, 2015

Lamb skewers

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Ready for the oven...

Ready for the oven…

Something I thought it might be nice to try making myself for lunch, these lamb skewers were actually really easy to make. The evening before I mixed together the (really rather tasty) marinade of olive oil, sherry and garlic, cut up the lamb and soaked it in the marinade.

The next day all I needed to do was cut up some pepper and courgette, peel a couple of shallots, and thread all of this (along with some button mushrooms and apricots) onto some skewers, interspersing the vegetables with chunks of marinaded meat. It took ten minutes to cook it all under the grill, and (along with some leftover rice and peas) I had a really tasty, if rather large, lunch ready really rather quickly.

... and ready to eat

… and ready to eat

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hallelujah! Easter, by Wendy Dyer, Honor Harris and Judith Merrell, pg. 32-33


May 11, 2015

Creamy kedgeree

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Creamy kedgeree from aboveThis was a recipe I had planned on making before baby J appeared. It didn’t happen, so got forgotten about for a couple of months. However, I was still keen to make it as I thought that both I and the toddler would enjoy eating it. So when I had a spare day, I finally got around to making it for tea.

Creamy kedgeree is basically a risotto with fish added to it. You poach the fish, then cook some rice, vegetables and spices in the poached fish liquid. Once everything is cooked you add some peas and the fish itself and make sure everything is heated through. You also need to hard boil a few eggs for this dish to work…

… Because the fun part is making the dish look like a fish before you eat it. Put the rice mixture on one side of the plate, and add a slice cucumber for an eye, with a raisin on top. Then slice up the hard boiled egg and lay the slices out like the scales of a fish. Finally, we added two slices of apple to make the fish look like it had a fin.

Looks good, and doesn’t taste too bad (although not incredibly exciting). The toddler and I both ate it fairly happily!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hallelujah! Easter, pg. 20-21

November 26, 2014

Rice and peas

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By rice and peas, I mean risotto – but a fairly basic risotto. I found this recipe whilst going through my cookbooks looking for things to make at Christmas, and thought it might be something that my two-year old son would like (note: his favourite foods are peas and noodles).

As I said, this is basically a risotto (and I still have no photos, sorry). It basically contains pancetta, rice, white wine, peas, and chicken stock, so it’s not too complex. I cooked the meal for both of us for lunch, and whilst I thought it was OK (although a little bland – we tend to spice our risottos up a fair bit), after a short while my son thought it was amazing, and started to request it for at least every other meal. I’m not that enthusiastic about cooking risotto. Maybe it was the wine…?

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: The Daily Cook Book, 29 July, pg. 187

February 28, 2010

Giant mushrooms with rice and roasted onions

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This was the starter to our three course meal this weekend.  The recipe calls for wild rice (which is very long, thin, black, and looks nothing like normal rice) but we couldn’t get hold of it so we used brown rice.

Giant Mushroom

Like an ordinary sized mushroom, only bigger, and filled with rice and roasted onions.

Basically, all you do here is roast some onions, shallots and leeks, roast  the mushrooms (separately, to get them to cook properly), whilst boiling the rice.  Then pile everything on the mushroom and throw it back in the oven.

The end result is… a bit dull.  The only flavour here is coming from the vegetables themselves, which are good roasted but not enough on their own.  As a starter we thought this was just OK.  However, we had some of the rice and vegetable mixture left over and had it with our main course, and it tasted amazing – a really flavoursome rice dish.  I think the general idea would make an excellent alternative to risotto, but the poor mushroom doesn’t have enough flavour on its own for this recipe.

We will definitely be trying something like this again, but will be tweaking the recipe beyond recognition.  This would have gone well as part of a main course.

Who made it: Dan and Anna jointly.

Recipe: “the Complete Vegetarian Cookbook” by Sarah Brown, page 173.

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