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October 3, 2010

Asparagus and pea fricassee with eggs

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The photo of this in the cookbook makes it appear to be just some veg, mixed up. I’m pleased to say that the end result is much more than that.

Asparagus and pea fricassee, Loaded potatoes and a pasty. Why not?

The key to this dish is the sauce.   It is 250g of shallots gently fried in 50g of butter, with 3 tablespoons of flour mixed in to make a roux.  Then 200ml of white wine and 200ml of vegetable stock is slowly added (and at the end, it is seasoned) and the mixture gently simmered.  (we halved those numbers).  This results in a very pleasant and subtle flavouring that really complements the vegetable’s natural flavour.

Surprisingly, the recipe suggests microwaving the vegetables themselves (250g of asparagus and 250g of peas).  This works really well, leaving them tender but not overcooked, as is so easy to do when boiling or steaming.  Of course, the (hard boiled) eggs are an optional extra – you could leave it out, or add something else.

This was a great way to serve vegetables and we’ll be trying this or something similar again.  Highly recommended!

Who made it: Anna lead the charge, but it was a joint effort

Recipe: “The complete vegetarian cookbook” by Sarah Brown

PS: In the picture you can see we had this with pasty.  I don’t know why, I just thought it might be a good idea.  It kinda… well it kinda wasn’t.  The pasty recipe was from a leaflet and was fairly plain – it really needed tomato ketchup, lots of ketchup – which nothing else on the plate did… adding ketchup to these veggies would have been a food crime.


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