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August 29, 2010

Roasted vegetables and pasta

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The second course for our three course meal was “macaroni with roasted vegetables”.  I’m enough of a cook to know that you can replace macaroni with pasta, and not so greedy to want lots of pasta.  Hence my rearranged title, which I confess to having some reservations about when we started.  Far too often I’m offered pasta as a main in restaurants and it turns out to be exactly that, some pasta.  I’m pleased to say that this recipe did not disappoint.

Another small parsley forest felled for our enjoyment.

Basically, all there is to this is:

  1. Roast some vegetables in garlic and olive oil at a high temperature for about an hour.
  2. Boil some pasta.
  3. Throw the lot together with some passata and black olives, heat through and serve.

This is incredibly simple but does bring the best out of the natural flavours in the vegetables, and provides a well rounded meal.  I normally find that passata needs a lot of cooking to give an intense flavour, but here we roasted some tomatoes so they did the trick nicely, in fact complementing the vegetable flavours without overwhelming it.  The pasta provides a simple base, and I’d probably be happier with roasted potatoes, but this is one of the best ways to eat pasta and I will be repeating the experience!

Who made it: Dan and Anna jointly.

Recipe: “The daily cook book” by Love Food, September 5th.


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