Gastronomically Terrific

April 14, 2010


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This is a quick post to explain the purpose of this blog, given that it doesn’t have recipes on and is of interest to nobody outside of the immediate household. Basically the motivation was that we make a lot of recipes from books, many of which we want to make again, or try again but differently, or in fact are to be avoided. This is simply a place to put our notes.

So the blog is entirely selfish – I’m using you, the occasional reader, as a motivation to take a picture and put together some coherent thoughts whilst I remember. Despite this I hope that readers might be motivated to try things out – my personal approach is to take an idea and make it up from there, which is why I’ve left out the details of the recipes. But if anyone would get more out of it if I changed things, perhaps by including actual recipes, then let me know!


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