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May 11, 2015

Creamy kedgeree

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Creamy kedgeree from aboveThis was a recipe I had planned on making before baby J appeared. It didn’t happen, so got forgotten about for a couple of months. However, I was still keen to make it as I thought that both I and the toddler would enjoy eating it. So when I had a spare day, I finally got around to making it for tea.

Creamy kedgeree is basically a risotto with fish added to it. You poach the fish, then cook some rice, vegetables and spices in the poached fish liquid. Once everything is cooked you add some peas and the fish itself and make sure everything is heated through. You also need to hard boil a few eggs for this dish to work…

… Because the fun part is making the dish look like a fish before you eat it. Put the rice mixture on one side of the plate, and add a slice cucumber for an eye, with a raisin on top. Then slice up the hard boiled egg and lay the slices out like the scales of a fish. Finally, we added two slices of apple to make the fish look like it had a fin.

Looks good, and doesn’t taste too bad (although not incredibly exciting). The toddler and I both ate it fairly happily!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hallelujah! Easter, pg. 20-21


April 8, 2014

Three fish pie

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Fish pie with eggs

Three fish pie before the mashed potato topping was added

Inspired by Mary Berry Cooks, which is currently on TV, I decided to make this three fish pie when my parents came to visit for the weekend. Whilst it’s perhaps not the most unusual of dishes, it does lend itself to being made in advance and then just popped in the oven an hour or so before you want to eat it. This was perfect for me because I had a day or two off of work before my parents arrive at lunchtime. So I cooked up the fish mixture, hard boiled the eggs and added them to the casserole dish, and then all I needed to do before dinner was boil and mash some potatoes, and put the whole thing in the oven.

It was a fun dish to make, although there are a fair few bits to it. You need to make a sauce, then cut up the fish filling and add it to the sauce mixture. Of course, this was all made doubly hard by the fact that I was essentially cooking the meal twice – one with fish for most of us, and a vegetarian version with halloumi cheese for my husband at the same time. I ended up cooking each one separately in the end as so many things needed attention at the same time (the eggs, the sauce and you’re chopping fish). And I wasn’t even cooking the potato at this point!

Overall, a tasty dish, and a good one to prepare in advance, but nothing super special to impress anybody; and a fair amount of effort to put in. Fine if that’s what you want, but you need to know what you’re getting yourself into beforehand!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Mary Berry Cooks (the recipe is on the BBC Food website)


February 6, 2014

Parsleyed fish gratin

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So, here was my next excuse to make tasty food. Dan was going away for the night, so I invited a couple of friends over for dinner. I decided to go with Nigella’s ‘Grown Up Nursery Supper for 6’, because I’ve been looking at the photo of that Prosecco jelly in this cookbook for years now, and every time I see it I really, really want to make (and eat) it. And the main course looked pretty good too.

The main course is a fish gratin – basically a white parsley sauce mixed in with fish, and covered with potato. It’s relatively easy to make – especially if (unlike you me) you either know how to skin and bone fish, or buy ready skinned and boned smoked fish.

The one thing I will say about a gratin is that you’re not meant to cook the potato. You slice it very thinly, put it on top of the dish and cook it in the oven for an hour or so. We’ve made this mistake before, and ended up with uncooked potato. So, this time around, I sliced the potato but then parboiled them, just for 5-10 minutes, before putting the dish in the oven.

I’m pleased to say it all worked really well. My only slight complaint is that it didn’t seem like that much food. This was meant to be a meal for 6, so I halved the amounts as there were 3 of us. I could have done with just taking a third off. A bit of a shame, because the amounts in Nigella’s recipes are usually pretty good estimates.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg. 79

February 7, 2011

Salmon/Halloumi Ramen

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Anna wanted to try something a bit different with fish; I was left to do something inventive to make it work for vegetarians.


Salmon Ramen = Salmon noodles. With lots of flavour!

Halloumi Ramen = Haloumi Noodles. Also with lots of flavour!


The recipe is an interesting one, and worked very well – with the modifications we made.  It has several components:

  1. The marinade: Teriyaki.  This is an intriguing mix of (1 tbsp) sake, dark soy sauce and sherry, with (1 tsp) brown sugar and some garlic and ginger.
  2. The “meat”:  either fish or Halloumi, covered in the marinade (“glaze”) and grilled.  (I fried the Halloumi, but the effect is basically the same).
  3. Stock (vegetable stock mixed with garlic and soy sauce).  We also added plenty of vegetables here!
  4. Noodles (Ramen if possible, or whatever).
  5. Coriander, chopped chillies and beansprouts, for topping.

The recipe sounds complicated, but it actually works out very simple and only takes about 25 minutes.  You heat the stock and simmer (adding the veg as it needs it, e.g. carrots go in straight away, bamboo shoots and spinach go in at the end).  Meanwhile, mix the Teriyaki, and pour over the fish/halloumi on a greased dish.  Grill this until the fish crumbles but is pink inside, or until the Halloumi  is crispy on top.  Then cook the noodles (taking about 3 minutes) and serve by putting a bed of veg with noodles on top, add the fish, then the topping.

The dish is slightly hot and just a little different to anything we normally have.  Because we added plenty of veg, it was well balanced – unlike the recipe below, which had a very sad amount in!  I particularly like the teriyaki, which would work well in many dishes.

Who made it: A joint effort between Dan and Anna.

Recipe: “The daily cook book” by Love Food, February 7th.

January 30, 2011

Fisherman’s Pie

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Anna made this fishy pie when friends were coming over – I had a different pie (details with recipe in the next post) based on the same idea.


Despite our very poor presentation, this went down very well.  As usual with fish pie, it has a mash potato topping – in my mind a real waste of the opportunity to have pastry!

Basically, you start by baking some white fish in white wine with a good scattering of tarragon on top.  Whilst this cooks, sauté some mushrooms in butter (and boil the potatoes for mashing).  Then make a white sauce by making a reux from flour and butter, adding the liquid from the fish and some cream.  Then mix up everything with some prawns, add the potato on top and bake.

The pie seemed to have a delicate flavour, and whilst in the dish looked very pleasant! A shame about the presentation, but flavour is what counts I suppose!

Who made it: Dan and Anna jointly.

Recipe: “The daily cook book” by Love Food, February 6th.

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