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January 15, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes

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Red Velvet Cupcakes

After my baking extravaganza this week, I think Anna was keen to show me up.  So she made these crazy cupcakes that don’t just taste awesome, the look awesome too.  I’m pretty gutted about it, since I was fairly pleased with my own efforts until now.  Or at least I would be gutted if I didn’t get to stuff my face on sweet sweet velvety goodness for the next week.

For those that don’t know, “velvet” cakes are basically just ordinary cakes with red food colouring.  But like all things, it’s not that simple.  There is some additional chocolately goodness to pay you back for picking the crazy coloured cake, and I think the consistency has been played with too as the ingredients involving mixing bicarbonate of soda with white wine vinegar! This gives it a very tight, slightly dense texture that does indeed feel velvety on the tongue.  Finally, the topping is cream cheese mixed with icing sugar, a really tasty combination that works really well here.

My only problem with them is that they are very, very rich.  Served in muffin cases, they are an awful lot of cake and a real challenge to get through… The second time we tried these, we had half each and used a fork to eat it which was a much better idea – I felt that I was in charge of the cake and not the other way around.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Cake Days: Recipes to make every day special, by the Hummingbird Bakery, page 178.


October 14, 2010

Christmas Stars Cupcakes

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One of a series of cupcakes that Anna tried to explode me with…


Cupcakes with Christmas Stars on them, cunningly named Christmas Star Cupcakes.


These little guys are tasty little treats.  Consisting of the usual cupcake, you cut out the top like with butterfly cakes, fill it with buttercream, pop the top back on upside down and then smother the whole thing in icing.  A little icing star and some coconut curls create an attractive finish.

Every time we make these, Anna uses her cookie cutter to make the stars which are the same size as the cakes themselves.  So I have to cut them back down to size… sigh!

Who made it: Anna made the cake, Dan helped with the decor.

Recipe: “Fairy cakes” by Joanna Farrow, page 28.

August 29, 2010

Cakes Galore!

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These cakes were made by Anna for our anniversary.

See the cakes through my eyes!

This was so long ago that I’ve forgotten what went into them.  But I have not forgotten how delicious this smorgasboard of yumminess was.  The caramel slices were chocolately gooey heaven; the strawberry cream shortbread was luxurious; the raspberry caterpillar cakes were fresh and counted as a healthy snack.  Barely visible are chocolate cupcakes (they are chocolate cases filled with some manner of yumminess) and several other types of cupcake.  Awesome!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe:  a range of places…

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