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May 3, 2010

Rosti with roasted vegetables

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This is a misnomer – it should have been called roasted vegetables with rosti.

The rosti are under there somewhere, I promise!

This is a great way of cooking vegetables to bring out their natural flavours and add just a little more.  The veggies are marinated for at least an hour in olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, garlic and honey – a fantastic sweetening and encouraging of the natural flavours, with the vinegar adding an amazing taste (I was recently converted!)   The vegetables should be ones you like, because they taste distinctively of themselves, although roasted courgette is not as watery as normal, and decent tomatoes taste amazing like this!

The rosti are potato cakes.  This recipe is just to grate par boiled potato, fold them into patties and fry them.  Its ok, but basically tastes of mashed potato – there are much better rosti recipes in the world.  Cheese and onion work well, as does garlic.

This recipe uses a pesto/olive oil mixture as a sauce that I liked, although I’m not really sure that it works better than a gravy would.  Of course, being essentially a tasty way to cook roast, any other roasted items could be added.  Sausages would seem appropriate as would good ol’ roasties and yorkshire puddings.  In summary, this is a great way to roast vegetables and we’ll be experimenting along these lines again.

Who made it: Anna and Dan jointly.

Recipe: “the daily cook book” by Love Food, May 3rd.


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