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February 27, 2015


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Another easy-to-make recipe from my Hallelujah! Easter cookbook, this is basically scrambled egg with added ingredients. I made it for lunch when just my hubby and I were home one day. Whilst it was simple to make, I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of adding the ingredients suggested, so it was a good recipe to try out. It would also make a good future lunch if you were feeling a bit peckish!

The longest, and hardest, part of this recipe is boiling a potato before you start (just one small one between two of you). Frying bacon and potato for frittataOf course, if you have one left over from a previous meal this step is much easier! You then fry up the (cut up) potato and some bacon before adding beaten egg, mixed herbs and milk. I actually made two frittatas because Dan doesn’t eat meat and I don’t like tomatoes, so we probably had more food (2 eggs each) than was really intended.

Once the egg is half cooked (which happens quite fast), I added some sweetcorn, tomatoes to Dan’s frittata, and some grated cheese. By the time that was all added and stirred in the eggs were cooked and the meal was ready. Other than boiling the potato, the whole thing took about 10 minutes to put together.

Frittata cookingDefinitely a lunch-time meal I’d make again, and I wouldn’t need to use the recipe to do it. I wouldn’t have thought of adding potatoes and sweetcorn to this, but both were pretty tasty additions. Although if you’re pressed for time I would suggest only adding potato if you already have some cooked. Otherwise just pop it all on a slice of toast!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hallelujah! Easter, Wendy Dyer, Honor Harris and Judith Merrell, pg. 24-25


September 23, 2014

Rooster’s roulade

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Happy 2nd birthday! Some of the party food - Rooster's Roulade are in the foreground

Happy 2nd birthday! Some of the party food – Rooster’s Roulade are in the foreground

OK, so now on to the big event – my son’s 2nd birthday. I made a lot of things for his birthday party (salmon footballs, cheese and peanut bites, apple cake etc), but many of these I have made before, so they’re not really new or exciting recipes to me. They were just things I knew would keep my guests – whether 2 or 32 – happy. I’m not going to write about those things here; instead, I’m going to focus on the items I made that were new to me. Many of these came from the Children’s Party Cook Book – a fairly recent acquisition that I ended up getting after buying it for a friend as a birthday present and deciding I wanted my own copy!

The first new thing I made were these ‘Rooster’s Roulade’ baguette-type bites. Basically a variation on your standard sandwich, they were pretty tasty and can be made in advance (always a bonus when preparing lots of things for a party). The concept is pretty simple – you get a baguette, cut off the ends, then hollow out the middle leaving a 1.5cm crust. You then fill the baguette with, well, whatever you like really. I did two versions -a veggie one and a meaty one. The veggie version contained cream cheese, rocket, cucumber and spring onions. The meaty one contained the same things but had bacon bits added.

Cream cheese is a great choice for this because it doesn’t go off – you can make these guys 2 or 3 days in advance, store them in the fridge and they still taste fine. Obviously they’re a bit nicer fresh (this is baguette after all), but they don’t suffer too badly for having been made in advance.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hats and Bells Children’s Party Cookbook, Hatty Stead and Annabel Waley-Cohen, pg. 44-5

February 12, 2014

Fully loaded potato skins

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Fully loaded jacket potatoMaking this was an attempt to use up some of the leftover ingredients I had from some of the other fun, new things I’ve made recently. Admittedly, I had to buy potatoes in order to make this (there’s a clue in the name), but they’ll get used up. They always do.

This is another Nigella recipe – apparently they’re “fully” loaded because they have bacon on top. However, her recipe does point out that it’s a bit mean to put bacon on an otherwise veggie meal, so perhaps you could fry it separately and add it to the top of meat-eaters potatoes only. Which, because I’m a lovely person, I did, so that Dan could have one for lunch too.

Now, as long as you remember to cook the jacket potato waaaaayyyy in advance, this is actually very little hassle to cook. The recipe actually recommends cooking them the day before (for 1 1/2 hrs in the oven), then scooping out the insides and putting them in a separate bowl, which I did. So when you want to eat them, all you have to do is mix some sour cream, cheese, spring onions and worcester sauce (I don’t think I’ve missed anything…) into the scooped out potato insides – and reheat them for 5 mins or so (the recipe says 20-30 mins, but ours were done after 5 – but then I made 2 potatoes, the recipe was for 10).

The one problem with this is… Worcestershire sauce isn’t actually vegetarian. It has fish in it. I know, go figure. I fixed that by replacing Dan’s worcester sauce with soy sauce, but it did mean I had to divide the potato mixture in half first, which was a little annoying. Of course, I could have used soy sauce for both of us, but I really like Worcestershire sauce.

Anyways, it all made a nice enough lunch. It isn’t anything particularly special, but it was easy enough to do and made a nice change from microwaved jacket potatoes with cheese on top (because we always forget we might want jacket potatoes until we’re hungry, and are far too lazy to sccop out the insides). Not something I’m anti doing again, but also not something that’s really at the top of my ‘repeat’ list.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg. 40

December 1, 2013

Chestnut soup with bacon

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Mmm, still steaming.

Mmm, still steaming.

Wanting to make a soup that would feed both me, my son, a friend and her son, I decided to make this chestnut soup with bacon crumbles. It’s basically a mix of root vegetables, all fried up in garlic oil. Lentils and vegetable stock are then added and left to simmer before chestnuts and sherry are added. Up until this point the soup is veggie – but you then fry up some bacon (again in garlic oil) and add it, and parsley, to the soup. The fact that the basic soup was veggie was another reason it was appealing – it meant that when I made too much of it (which I inevitably did) my veggie husband could eat some of the remainder at a later date.

The soup, with the addition of bacon, was incredibly tasty. The problem was that without the bacon it did taste a little bland. The bacon gave it a little extra kick which was really needed. The friend  I shared this soup with suggested adding blue cheese to it, and after one serving without it (or of course the bacon), my hubby took this suggestion on board. He confirmed that blue cheese worked well, and with it the soup was a winner. One exciting thing for me here was discovering garlic oil – I’d never used it before, and it smells amazing! If you like garlic, that is.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg. 50-51

November 23, 2013

Bacon-wrapped chipolatas

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Dan didn’t want to include info about these on the blog, as they’re ‘just sausages wrapped in bacon’. Well, yes, they are sausages wrapped in bacon. But there’s no just about it. They are one of my favourite things. Ever. Silly vegetarians who don’t understand these things. It also takes up a whole page in Nigella’s recipe book, so I didn’t want to do my lovely chipolatas the injustice of not including them here.

Having said all that, after having read the first couple of sentences of the recipe, my friend and I basically just went ahead and made these guys the way I normally do (which, it turns out, was pretty similar to what the recipe said – as I discovered upon reading it a day later). They’re not difficult to make; you get a chipolata, take a piece of streaky bacon and wrap it around the sausage. Don’t use too much bacon or it falls off. Don’t use too little bacon or it falls off. Obviously though, more is better than not enough. Then put them in the oven with anything else you’re roasting for about 30 mins.

Have a look at the pic under the ‘Aromatic Christmas Ham’ post for a glimpse of these guys.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg 127

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