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December 21, 2014

Mini Christmas Fairy Cakes

Mini Xmas fairy cakes in box x4Along with another batch of my eggnog cupcakes, I decided to make some mini Christmas Fairy Cakes as a gift for a family member at Christmas (I can post this now because I gave him his gift yesterday, and from the size and decor on the box he knew damn well what it was – he gets a similar gift every year).

I’ve made this before and they tend to look good, but I have to say that I was especially pleased with them this year. I know they tasted good because I may have made 12 when only 6 fitted in the box… 😉

The cakes themselves are basically a gentle version of a Christmas cake. They contain flour, eggs and butter. But the sugar is light muscovado sugar, and you add mixed fruit and almond extract. You can also add mixed nuts, but to me that just ruins the taste. They smelt amazing in the oven, and taste like Christmas, but a bit lighter.

To decorate the cakes firstly I drizzled them with brandy and added some apricot jam. Then I cut out a circle of marzipan, then placed a circle of royal icing on top. The recipe actually states to make runny icing and coat it with that, but I think ready-made royal icing looks better. I then cut two holly leaves per cake out of green ready-to-roll icing, and coloured some marzipan red to make holly berries. These are then all placed on top of the white icing (I say ‘I’, actually my 2-year-old son helped with the rolling and cutting and, I have to say, did a damn good job!).

I was pretty pleased with the end result, both on terms of the way the cakes looked and tasted. I hope they are enjoyed as much by the receiver of the gift!

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Fairy Cakes, Joanna Farrow, pg. 30


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