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January 29, 2014

Santa’s Little Helper

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Amaretto and glassThis is the title of one of the cocktails in Nigella’s Christmas cookbook. It sounds lovely (if strong) – just a mix of brandy, amaretto and Cointreau.

Well, it’s not. It’s far too strong and far too sweet for my liking. There’s not a lot else to say about this – I had to mix it with Coke, and it was still way too strong for me. And I like my alcohol. If you know me, you know I’m not shy about my drinking. But I don’t want this again. I’d be much happier with a plain old glass of brandy. Or whisky. Or wine. Or anything else really.

Who made it: Anna and Dan

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg. 6


January 26, 2014


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27 Pussyfoot mocktail This is one of the mocktails from Nigella’s Christmas. As we were having our Christmas Day at home with our young son, we didn’t want to drink too much alcohol too soon. So a mocktail seemed like a good drink to go with our Christmas lunch.

Pussyfoot consists of pink grapefruit juice, orange juice, lime juice and Grenadine. Whilst it was fun to mix together, I can’t say I was overly keen on the taste. I’ve never been a big fan of grapefruit juice, and this didn’t really change my mind. The recipe book suggests adding vodka if you’re not particularly pro mocktails; I have a suspicion this would have improved the taste. But I’d still be much, much happier with a glass (or jug) of Poinsettia.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg. 12

November 26, 2013

Seasonal Breeze

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Seasonal Breeze mocktail

Seasonal Breeze mocktail

In an attempt to use up left-over cranberry juice, and because we had relatives visiting who we knew were unlikely to want to drink alcohol, we made this mocktail. A combination of cranberry juice, apple juice and orange juice, it’s tastes just like it sounds. Which wasn’t great news for me, as I’m not a massive fan of either apple juice or cranberry juice. It just all tasted a bit too sweet for my liking. Thankfully, the other 7 people drinking it seemed to enjoy it a lot more, so there weren’t too many problems filling off a pitcher of this.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, pg.11

November 22, 2013

Poinsettia – the cocktail

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Prosecco with added happiness

Prosecco with added happiness

This cocktail recipe comes from Nigella Christmas, which shows.  To make more than you probably need, take 1 bottle of Prosecco (or other fizzy wine), add 125ml of Cointreau (you can use Gran Marnier but Cointreau is best) and 500ml of cranberry juice. Then mix and drink.

Five people tried this and all agreed universally that it was really rather tasty. The dryness of the Prosecco counteracts the sweetness of the Cointreau, making the whole very easy to drink and full of flavour. Highly recommended.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Nigella Christmas, page 3.

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