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May 5, 2014

Spots fairy cakes

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Spotty cakes with JoeUnlike the last two bakes, these were something of a last-minute bake to feed 14 or so people at our May Day weekend barbeque. I chose basic vanilla fairy cakes because I (almost) always have those ingredients in the house, and they’re quick to make. I chose spotty fairy cakes because all our kids have managed to catch chicken pox in the last month or so (some of them still have it), so a spotty theme seemed somehow appropriate.

Once again, Dan did the baking here. Just as I was about to start, a very clingy toddler appeared and only wanted mum, so dad decided to try his hand at the baking – especially as we only had a couple of hours to get these cakes made before people started arriving. And he did a fine job, albeit one which used a few too many cupcake cases (and he moans at me for the occasional double cupcake case…).

And once again, I did the decorating – which was pretty easy and quite fun. To decorate these cakes, I made a basic butter-cream which formed a layer to stick the ready-to-roll icing on to. I then cut out 6 blue circles and 6 white circles to fit onto the tops of the fairy cakes. To make the spots, I rolled 4 or 5 tiny dots of the opposite coloured ready-to-roll icing and placed them on the circles I had cut out. I then re-rolled the circles with the dots on top, and this created spots. It didn’t look too bad either – not something I had tried before, and a neat little trick for the future!

Who made it: Anna and Dan

Recipe: Fairy Cakes by Joanna Farrow, pg. 46-7


May 4, 2014

Easter nests

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Easter nests and glassesSomething else that I planned to make over the Easter weekend (funnily enough, what with them being called Easter nests and all), and that got put on the back burner due to all the other activities and baking happening at the time. Instead, they got made over the May Day Bank Holiday weekend for two reasons – because I still had a supply of mini eggs and flakes to use up, and because I wanted fast and easy cakes to make for an impromptu barbeque we decided to have.

Easter nests are actually just chocolate fairy cakes, coated in either a chocolate butter-cream or chocolate fudge frosting, and topped with chopped up flakes and mini eggs. They look pretty good, taste amazing and are (for the most part) dead easy to make. So easy to make, in fact, that Dan did the actual baking on this one. I just did the decoration. I say ‘just’, but I did choose to make a chocolate fudge frosting, which is a little harder than a chocolate butter-cream. But it tastes much richer and, in my opinion, better!

On the whole, these turned out pretty well. The one problem with them was that I couldn’t get the mini eggs to stick. This was entirely my own fault though – I answered the phone as I was adding the frosting to the cakes, meaning there was a bit of a delay between adding the frosting and then the mini eggs. Enough of a delay for the frosting to dry a little too much. Although nobody seemed to mind… I made 12 of these, and after our barbeque, there were only 4 left…

Who made it: Dan and Anna

Recipe: Fairy Cakes by Joanna Farrow, pg. 34-5

May 3, 2014

Carrot cake whoopie pies

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There’s no photo for these guys. I could claim that’s because there was just no time and I forgot, but really, it’s because they looked pretty rubbish.

I had planned to make these whoopie pies over the Easter weekend, but a lack of time and an apple surplus meant my plans changed a little. However, I still had marshmallow fluff, carrots and yoghurt to use up, so a couple of weeks later, once all the other cakes had gone, I finally got around to making them.

On the whole, they were pretty disappointing. This is partially my fault for making the pies too big (meaning I had to cut them in half to make them edible), and for messing up the filling (I didn’t leave it in the fridge for long enough, so instead of setting, it was still runny when added to the pies – making a big marshmallowy fluffy mess on each whoopie pie). But the recipe itself wasn’t great – although I made the pies too large, the mixture itself wasn’t a problem. These pies are quite stodgy though, and just not that exciting to eat. They just needed something extra to make them special.

Who made it: Anna

Recipe: Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days by Tarek Malouf and The Hummingbird Bakers, pg.86-87

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