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December 30, 2010

Classic Rich Christmas Cake

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Every year Anna makes a tasty Christmas cake, in a variety of styles.  This year we had the classic christmas fruit cake.

Christmas cake just like your Granny makes it.

This style of Christmas Cake is a bit bonkers to make.  You start it in September, and feed it Brandy once a week like some strange creature under the stairs.  This gets it good and moist and delicate, and probably keeping it sloshed stops it escaping in the middle of the night after tearing up the soft furnishings in the living room.  Anyway, when its time you cover the whole thing in marzipan and then again in royal icing as the British have done since time immemorial.

The main problem with this cake is that store bought ones are actually pretty good.  There is a slight juiciness (and a real brandy hit) present here that you wouldn’t otherwise get, and for those of us who don’t want nuts in the cake its good to make one without.  Of course, this cake tastes great if you like fruit cake, and it keeps forever so I can be merrily stealing slithers well into March if it’s not gone by then.  A foresighted sort of chap like myself sees this as a great reason to make your own Christmas cake, preferably two sizes too large.

Who made it: Anna did all the work, Dan helped with the decorations.

Recipe: Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, page 91.



  1. 1. You mean it gets made in October, not September. You can tell who does all the actual cake-making work right?
    2. Are you saying my cake is no better than store bought cake? If so, clearly I no longer need to bake cake.
    3. Cake left from Dec until March? When you’re around? What world do YOU live in?

    Comment by Anna — December 30, 2010 @ 3:06 pm

  2. 1. The book says up to 3 months, so you could start on the 25th of September for a Christmas readiness.

    2. No! Is always better. Just with Christmas cake, th store bought cake is still pretty good. This is not true for e.g. sponge cake which is always best fresh from the oven.

    3. It could happen! I reckon a 3 foot diameter cake would survive until about mid march. If we got a huuge oven…?

    Comment by thinkingdan — December 30, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

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