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October 15, 2010

Coffee Victoria Sandwich

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Probably one of my favourite sandwiches 🙂


Coffee cake with coffee buttercream dripping over the side. You just keep pouring until it no longer stays on the cake, then its OK to stop.


This is a basic “Victoria Sponge Sandwich” recipe, with coffee granules melted into the mixture and coffee added to the buttercream.  I suppose that “technically” it is a sandwich, since we’ve pressed two baked goods together with a filling in between.  Still, would you be willing to replace the buttercream with some tomatoes and lettuce?  Because I wouldn’t.

We made this cake because a friend, who we will go by the pseudonym of “Mr A”, invited us over for dinner and then added that we might not be not getting in without either coffee cake or carrot cake.  Having everything needed to make coffee cake in our first aid kit, we whipped this fellow up.  It was not bad for an emergency cake – perhaps a little heavy which can be good or bad depending on preferences.  Anyone can make coffee cake but only “Mr A” can eat the whole thing in a day: it was gone 24 hours later.

We did however get fed, and rather well with a yummy Stuffed Mushroom (I think this recipe) for the veggies and steak for the meaties, so I think we came out even!

PS: Wikipedia agrees with me that a Sandwich should probably be made with  bread (and not “bread”).  Though clearly “sandwich” is used to imply that you get something tasty sandwiched in between; e.g. wafer sandwich biscuits, ice cream sandwich, etc, this does seem somewhat like cheating to me.  These things are important…

Who made it: Dan actually did do much of the work for this one, well at least some mixing and oven checking, but was supervised by Anna

Recipe: Mary Berry’s Ultimate Cake Book, page 195.


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