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October 3, 2010

Stuffed baked potatoes

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Like baked potatoes, only stuffed.

Baked potatoes, stuffed. What, you expected something else? See also asparagus and pea fricassee, which was a good deal more exciting.

These stuffed baked potatoes are for those with a delicate heart.  No surprises await within these skins.

Basically, you get some potatoes and bake’em.  Then instead of smothering in cheesy goodness like any sane person, for some unknown reason you scoop out the potato, mash it, mix it with some (butter fried) onion and some sweetcorn, and put it back in the shell.  Then it gets baked, again (though admittedly with some of that cheesy goodness I was complaining was lacking).

Why you should do any of this is a mystery, because it tastes exactly like baked potatoes, with some onion (and sweetcorn).  That is not a bad thing, of course, but I would usually expect enough cheese so that I can’t see my potato any more.  Not so here – there is just enough cheese to remind what cheese can do to a potato – if it had been good.  This potato wasn’t bad – it didn’t rob anyone, and it paid its taxes – but it wasn’t a saint either. It did not help little old ladies across the road. It probably laughed, just a little when nobody was looking, when said little old lady fell over.

What?  I appear a little distracted?  What was I talking about again?

Oh, potatoes.  Meh.

Next time I’ll bake them as usual then smother with butter and cheese and maybe fried onions.  The saddest thing is that they looked amazing.  But tasted no better than the sum of their parts.

Who made it: Dan and Anna jointly.

Recipe: “The daily cookbook” by Love Food, December 18th.


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