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February 28, 2010


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Crespelles are wholemeal pancakes stuffed with stuff, covered in more stuff and roasted in the oven.

The Crespelles are hidden under a pile of sauce, which is sad because they looked pretty good on their own. Yes, those sad things on the left are flattened souffles, which really do need a pot to keep them raised.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that these are Burritos, but they are quite different in taste and ingredients.  The main ingredient is wholemeal pancakes, which are just ordinary pancakes made with wholemeal flour.  These are filled with cooked chard (we couldn’t get chard, so used spinach which works great), mixed with cheese and cream.  The tomato sauce on top is made from passata (basically pureed tomatoes), onion, garlic and bay leaf, cooked for ages to concentrate the flavour.  It has yet more cream mixed in and cheese grated over  – yum!  Then the whole lot is baked to crisp it up.

This is a dish which sadly doesn’t look as great as it tastes.  The creamy spinach mixture gives it a really interesting and surprising taste, nothing like the burrito it so resembles, and the homemade sauce is great (I bet its the same base recipe as the supermarket jars).  We had rice from this recipe as a side and it worked amazingly.  The cheese flavour luckily didn’t drown out the subtle egg taste of the soufflé, although the giant mushroom would have made a better companion and the soufflé a better starter.

All in all, a great main course and I’d thoroughly recommend  it as a way to cook pancakes for a large number of people, as you don’t have to keep them warm.  However, presentation is difficult so not a dinner party recipe!

Who made it: A joint effort between Anna and Dan.

Recipe: “The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook” by Sarah Brown, page 189.


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